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Are you one of the millions who suffer from asthma, depression, chronic/acute pain, or other ailments that consume your health or emotions? With the burden of rising medical and prescription costs, people are turning to alternative solutions that offer 100% health benefits from essential oils called essential oil diffusers.

Essential oil diffusers are devices that are used to disperse essential oils into the surrounding air. They are used to add fragrance to a room and are also used in aromatherapy for a variety of therapeutic purposes. But not all essential oil diffusers are alike.

It can be overwhelming and confusing to compare essential oil diffusers. There are different styles, prices, oil consumption; qualities, diffusion methods, etc. So before we decide on a diffuser, let’s decide WHY we want to diffuse essential oils.

Why Diffuse Essential Oils?

One reason to diffuse essential oils is to add fragrance to a room without synthetic chemicals. Everyone loves the smell of a fresh and clean living room, bedroom, office, lobby, car, and so on. Diffusing essential oils can easily and naturally accomplish this goal. Many essential oils have a fresh and clean aroma. So for this purpose, most diffusion methods will work. Some better than others, but all allow the release of aroma from an essential oil.

Now, let’s move onto the serious stuff. If you desire to diffuse essential oils so they can be absorbed into the body for therapeutic/health purposes, to mitigate mold in an area, for insect and pest control, etc…it becomes imperative to understand the DIFFUSION METHODS before deciding on a diffuser.


Five Diffusion Methods (Simplified)


  1. Atomization/Nebulization – Breaks down oil molecules by force and pushes a micro-fine vapor into the air.
  2. Ultrasonic Vaporization – Ultrasonic frequencies produce vibrations in water creating a water mist in the air.
  3. Heat – Increased temperature forces evaporation, releasing aroma into the air.
  4. Fan – Forced air is passes over a wick or absorbent pad for evaporation, releasing aroma into the air.
  5. Evaporative – Exposes oils to the air to naturally evaporate.

If all you want to do is provide a pleasant scent to your environment, any diffuser will work fine. But if you want to use essential oils for their maximum healing qualities and pure therapeutic benefit, only an atomizing diffuser will do the job 100% effectively. Do not make the mistake of thinking all diffusion methods are the same.


Five Types of Essential Oil Diffusers


Finally, it’s time to discuss the different types of essential oil diffusers.

In general, a diffuser is ANY device which allows a liquid to evaporate thereby putting a scent into the surrounding environment. So placing a drop of essential oil onto a tissue and inhaling the aroma turns a tissue into an evaporative diffuser! 

Of course, not all diffusers are alike. In fact, there are five different types of diffusers. Understanding all five types of diffusers should help clear up the confusion. Let’s break each of them down.

1) Atomizing/Nebulizing Diffusers:

Atomizing is a new and innovative technology that uses a cold air jet pump to force essential oil molecules through an atomizer and into very tiny particles while preserving the natural healing properties of the essential oils. These micro-particles permeate the air and remain suspended for hours, fully intact, with all of their NATURAL defenses against airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, pests, and odors, and are absorbed gently into the body through the respiratory system.

The aroma created can prompt the nervous system to transmit signals to the limbic system in the brain – the same part of the brain that houses emotion and memory. The brain may respond by initiating various physiological functions, such as a release of hormones, relief from pain, or a positive boost in mood. Other common uses are for respiratory therapy, mood enhancement, relaxation, well-being, air purification, and more.

Atomizers have the largest room coverage of any diffuser type, and the micro-fine mist stays suspended for extended periods of time (1-3 hours). Also unique is the micro-fine mist ultimately evaporates completely, rather than settling on surfaces; and most atomizing diffusers do not need to be cleaned as long as you use them regularly.

If you’re worried about an atomizing diffuser using too much essential oil, most units give the user full control over the oil consumption through built-in intermittent timers and a pressure-control on the pump. After understanding how long the atomized vapor stays suspended, and the full saturation of oil in the air, etc., consumers realize they only need to run the diffuser on the minimum settings, which actually uses minimum amounts of oil.

Atomizing diffusers are typically a little more expensive than other diffusers, but remember it costs more to create a steady pressurized cold air flow than to create heat, or rotate a fan. They are typically built better, use higher quality materials, and have longer warranty periods. Many (of Diffuser World’s atomizing diffusers) are manufactured in America.

Remember, no method of diffusing is as effective in preserving the natural healing qualities of essential oils as atomizing.

2. Ultrasonic Vaporizing Diffusers

Ultrasonic diffusers use electronic frequencies to create vibrations in water, which creates a fine mist (of water and essential oils) that is released into the air. Vaporizers provide humidification and will produce a nice scent in a small area.

Ultrasonic diffusers not only offer a chemical-free way to scent your space, but they provide the spa like atmosphere that goes hand in hand with the aroma. Often ultrasonic vaporizers are equipped with colorful lighting and a variety of timer options. They are generally very quiet.

There’s something to consider however; because the majority of the mist is a water vapor, the scent has limited healing capacity. Studies have shown that mixing oil and water alters and damages the healing properties of essential oils.

It’s important to clean ultrasonic vaporizers often as oil residue can collect on surfaces around the diffuser as well as will coat the ultrasonic disc at the bottom of the unit.

Beware of inexpensive; poorly made vaporizer/ultrasonic imports as they come with short warranty periods (typical is 90 days). You could end up purchasing several units in a year’s time.

3. Heat Diffusers

Heat diffusers warm the essential oil. The increased temperature causes the essential oil to evaporate and release an aroma into the air.

Some heat diffusers are a relatively inexpensive option for making a space smell nice, but they are not optimal when the therapeutic properties of the essential oil are desired.

Heat has two drawbacks. First, it tends to alter the chemical composition of the essential oil which can destroy its purity and therapeutic value. Second, while heat does produce a nice aroma, it may not be therapeutically useful because the size and availability of breathable molecules are mostly filtered out by the nose hairs and nasal cavity.

Examples: lamp rings, candle diffusers, electric heat diffusers, steam diffusion

4.  Fan Diffusers

By utilizing a small fan to create airflow, evaporation is achieved when air passes over a wick or absorbent pad which holds the essential oil.

Ventilation offers an economical and simple way to provide evaporation.  Since there is no heat involved, the chemical composition of the essential oil remains intact.  Fan diffusers are generally quiet.

The size and availability of breathable molecules compromise therapeutic benefits. Ventilation will only cover a small area.

5. Evaporation Diffuser

An evaporative diffuser allows essential oils to be exposed to air so that the oils naturally evaporate. Placing a drop of essential oil onto a tissue and inhaling the aroma is a simple example of evaporative diffusion.

Evaporative diffusers are good for personal use in a small area and on the go; but may not be ideal for large or outdoor areas.

Examples: clay beads, pendants, reed diffuser, cotton ball, tissue


Concluding Your Essential Oil Diffuser Education


With increased education about the health benefits of essential oil diffusers, more people like you agree that purchasing an essential oil diffuser will provide emotional enjoyment from aromatherapy that we are all seeking…along with health benefits. 

With an understanding that “smelling” an essential oil does not necessarily mean it is “healing”, full therapeutic benefits of essential oils can be better experienced if a therapeutic-grade diffuser (atomizing) is used.

So have you decided which essential oil diffuser is best for you?  


Diffuser World Inc – Designer and Manufacturer


US based Diffuser World, Inc. designs and manufactures the highest quality and most therapeutic diffusers in the world. Currently, they are the popular Aroma-Ace™, Aroma-Whisper™, Aroma-Breeze™, and the new Aroma-Express™. Our patented cold diffusion atomizing technology preserves the natural essence and complete therapeutic benefits of essential oils by effectively transforming them into a micro fine vapor without the use of heat or water. These micro particles permeate the air and remain suspended for hours, fully intact, with all of their NATURAL benefits and defenses against airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, pests, and odors.

We hope this overview of diffusion methods was informative and helpful. Did you learn something new?

Author: Torrie Nelson - November 10, 2016





Aroma-Infinity Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser

Introducing the NEW Aroma-Infinity™. This quality atomizing diffuser uses the most advanced diffusion technology available and is packed with features.

Cold diffusion disperses the essential oils into the air on a molecular level, allowing the molecules to be bio-available. With this diffuser, oils are not damaged by HEAT or WATER.

Features include a digital timer with intermittent options, quiet, portable, coverage reaches over 800 SF, and is self-contained so no leaks. Comes complete with a wall plug, USB cord, rechargeable Li-battery, and 15 ml bottle. One year warranty.


Aroma-Ace Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser

With the patented innovative “quick change” oil system, easy to use timing controls and state of the art Cold Diffusion™ technology, The Aroma-Ace™ preserves all the natural therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Manufactured in the USA, the Aroma-Ace™ is an all in one essential oil atomizing diffuser using Cold Diffusion delivery technology.

Comes with patented "quick change" atomizer attachment and self-maintenance air filtration feature.

Enjoy the power and control of today's most advanced Aromatherapy Diffuser System.

Comes in an assortment of different colors!


Aroma-Breeze Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser 

The Aroma Breeze™ is loaded with value for a minimal investment that allows an enjoyable and therapeutic Aromatherapy experience.

The most economical atomizing diffuser system, the Aroma Breeze is BIG on performance and easy on price; keeping budget conscious users happy.

Comes with a Full 1-Year warranty and uses the same atomizing technology as other more expensive models.


Aroma-Acents Necklace 

(Colors: Gun Metal, Antique Copper, Silver and Gold)

Each of these works of art allows you to release a constant aroma that will aid in calming and uplifting the soul while helping with concentration and focus. Depending on the essential oils you prefer, other potential therapeutic benefits are relief from allergies, stress, anxiety and more.

These ageless and artistic necklaces are a subtle and beautiful way to enjoy the therapeutic benefit of essential oils day or night. Our diffuser necklaces are rhodium plated for a beautiful silver look. Each pendant comes on a shiny 30 inch faceted-ball chain. The Leaf locket is 1 1/4" wide x 1 3/4" high and will hold 7-9 aroma pearls.

Remove locket from chain clasp. Insert aroma pearls that have been scented with essential oil. Re-attach locket to clasp and wear. Re-apply essential oil as needed.

(Aroma Pearls sold seperatly)



(Colors: Pink, Blue, Green, Purple)

Each bag comes with 50 unscented pearls. Multiple colors and durable over extended use. It is recommended using the same oil with the same pearls to maintain purity of the oils being used.

Aroma Pearls are made from a natural clay base making them porous and highly absorbent. Aroma Pearls come in a variety of colors and can be used in diffuser necklaces. Each color comes in a package of 25 unscented pearls. These amazing pearls absorb essential oils or perfume, provide long-lasting diffusion, and are durable enough to be used over and over with the same oil.

Carefully drop essential oil onto Aroma Pearls or let pearls soak in an oil or fragrance of your choice; re-apply as needed. Keep out of reach of children. Not for internal Consumption.

(Aroma Accent Necklaces sold seperately)


The Scent Master 5000™ is the most efficient and durable machine in the industry across all markets. Not only has the Scent Master 5000™ made it possible for Scent Marketers to have a solid solution to the demands of scent diffusion but it also gives avid Aromatherapy enthusiast another option to an atomizing diffuser on steroids that purifies the air as it is diffusing.

This revolutionary Scent Master 5000 atomizing diffuser with patented, fully integrated purification modules, and up to a 32 ounce oil capacity, has redefined essential oil diffusion across all markets.

The intuitive digital/programmable clock makes it possible to run the diffuser 24/7 with any interval or timer requirements your particular application requires; just set it and forget it.


Aroma-Globe Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser 

The Aroma-Globe™ is one of our most decorative and artistic products in our atomizing diffuser line. It is perfect for home use and depending on ambient air conditions, will cover up to 1200 square feet.

If you enjoy a quiet and soothing experience while you operate your essential oil diffuser, you will appreciate our artistic and automatic Aroma-Globe essential oil atomizing diffuser.

You wont find a better integrated nebulizer than Aroma-Globe. 


Aroma-Pro Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser 

Enjoy the therapeutic health and wellness benefits of the Aroma-Pro™, a proven reputation for durability, dependability and ease of use. Stylish design and durable material have earned this product a number one spot in glass diffusers.

The Aroma-Pro is the most elegant essential oil diffuser in the industry with its handcrafted anodized base and Simul-fil essential oil mixing well.

This is the original atomizing diffuser used by aromatherapists around the world.

Stylish in design, solid construction, anodized colors, and hand blown glass atomizer turns this powerful diffuser into a work of art and compliments any home décor.


Aroma-Whisper Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser 

The Aroma-Whisper™ is an exceptional performer and uses state-of-the-art silent technology. This proprietary technology has proven to be the leading pump in the industry and can be used with any barbed style diffuser. Convenient volume and timing controls allow for precise operation when diffusing essential oils.

The Aroma-Whisper is quiet, durable and long lasting.

This system is for those that desire virtually no noise Cold Diffusion of all their essential oils, with the flexibility of a detached atomizer.

Aroma-Whisper is notably recognized for its integrated volume and timing controls for precise essential oil diffusion.

Enjoy the power and control of today's most quiet and most therapeutic Aromatherapy Diffuser System.

Aroma-Spa Vaporizer 

The Aroma-Spa Vaporizer™ features a calming, subdued, rotating, multi-colored LED lighting feature.

With the touch of a button your Aroma-Spa Vaporizer™ emits a beautiful ring of color to enhance your tranquil Spa experience.

Simply add water and your favorite pure essential oil and the ultrasonic element produces consistent and fragrant vapor. Now diffuses for 6 hours or more.

Sprout Vaporizing Diffuser 
The Sprout is the inconspicuous vaporizing diffuser with undeniable impact.

A vaporizing aroma diffuser that seamlessly blends into the room, the Sprout is fitted with a lid that can hold a favorite potted plant.

Sprout uses advanced technologies to fully discharge essential oil particles, facilitating the body’s absorption of active ingredients.

Aroma-Crystal USB Essential Oil Diffuser 
The Aroma Crystal™ is an Innovative new technology for diffusing essential oils using a high frequency piezo crystal. 
This diffuser can be plugged into any USB port and delivers hours of micro-fine bursts of aromatic vapor without the use of heat or water. 
This technology is silent and inconspicuous, and can diffuse effectively in a work space or vehicle equipt with a USB port. 
This simple yet stylish design can be carried in your pocket and will not spill if tipped upside down. 
Includes wick top, 1 ml bottle, and a mini dropper. 

Scent Ball Home Essential Oil Diffuser 
The ScentBall provides ease of use with affordability to provide quick and effective aromatherapy on the go.

ScentBall is the perfect accessory for anyone seeking to experience the fragrant and therapeutic pleasure of essential oils.

ScentBall has been modified to be suitable for all world markets.

Aroma-Sidekick Essential Oil Diffuser 
The Aroma-Sidekick™ is an innovative new design for diffusing essential oils. It uses a powerful and silent fan that projects a healthy dose of essential oils. 
The Aroma-Sidekick™ can be powered with two AA batteries, USB adapter or an AC adapter. 
The Aroma-Sidekick™ comes with USB Cord and 1 Refill Pad for instant aromatherapy, anytime, anywhere. 

SpaScenter Tabletop Diffuser 
The SpaScenter is an essential cold evaporation diffuser in any Aromatherapy environment. SpaScenter is already exported to 30 countries and is used by clinicians, specialists and consumers. This fan style diffuser is powered by a 12 Volt adapter and includes a fan speed dial for easy adjustment.

SpaScenter will please even the most demanding aroma therapist.

The SpaScenter has been specifically designed to provide an efficient diffusion of essential oils in their purest form through cold evaporation.

Simple design and decorative styling have made this diffuser very popular.

Made of lightweight, durable plastic allows easy transport from room to room.












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